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The Withywindle

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On the road to the Withywindle...
Welcome to The Withywindle, a little resource site for all those who is looking for something. Please read the rules, guidelines and other stuff before posting.

The linking paths...

The Withywindle
The Withywindle is a resource and icon community where members can post their resources/credits list and icons as well as other sites which can help other members such as photos, image galleries, screencaps, brushes and stuff needed for icon making and customizing your lj.

The Rules, as always.
1. You can post almost anything that has got to do with customizing and making stuff for lj like stock photo sites, image galleries, screencaps archives, brushes, etc.
2.You can post icons, banners, brushes and other graphic related stuff in this community.
3. If you take somebody else's work, please credit them. Do not modify stuff found here and pass it as your own.
4. Be respectful and do not harass other members.
5. You can also request for icons in this community. :P
7. If you are posting more than 15 sites in the list, please use the lj-cut tag. If posting more than 5 icons, please put the others behind the lj-cut tag.
8. Please do not post off-topic posts in this community.
9. Rated R, NC 17 and materials with adult content, please put them in an lj-cut.

And Everything Else...
This community doesn't need any introductions and stuff like that so yeah, you can easily dive right in and post! Since this is THE WITHYWINDLE, some exemptions to the rules is that you can post any Fantasy related stuff. Yep, Fantasy stuff, rpg's to fairies and goblins. You can also post any LOTR and HP related stuff... So yeah, enjoy!

And a little few notes
If you want to be a mod, please contact me at lailomeiel AT gmail DOTCOM. Thanks!:P
If you don't know where to host your icons and any other graphics, here are a few hosts which allows direct linking: Snapfish; Imagestation; Photobucket; Applepics; and Fotki.